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5 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Gray Hair In  Kids

Save your little one from the anguish of gray hair using some natural methods.

Reviewed by Madison Dufour, Barber & Cosmetologist
Olive Oil As Grey Hair Remedy: Fact Or A Myth?

Learn the facts before deciding upon the beneficial properties of this oil for your grays.

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Home Remedies For An Itchy Scalp

Remedies that work instantly and help relieve itching before it worsens.

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DIY Hair Oils For Different Hair Problems

A list of powerful and easy-to-prepare concoctions for shiny and healthy locks.

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Fight White Hair With These 13 Yoga Poses

It's time to get on your yoga mat to slow down the appearance of silver locks.

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How To Get Silky And Bouncy Hair In Summer?

Don’t let the heat bring you down – follow some simple tips to get luscious hair.

Reviewed by Madison Dufour, Barber & Cosmetologist
How To Moisturize Your Hair: A Definitive Guide

Hydrating shampoos and natural oils are the key to soft and nourished hair.

Reviewed by Precious Rutlin, Licensed Cosmetologist
How To Choose The Right Toner For Highlighted Hair

The color wheel is a great guide to neutralizing the perfect color for your hair dye.

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Amazing Benefits Of Heat Protectants For Hair & How To Use Them

Protect your tresses from heat and manage your frizz with this essential product!

Medically Reviewed by Vincent Marin, MD, FACS